About Author

The people who know me also reckon that the thing I am most passionate about is reading. As a matter of fact, high-school was the time when I discovered my inclination towards reading, as I uncovered my artistic, creative side. This also triggered my interest in writing. It was quite inevitable, I guess, since I would always carry a book with me – regardless of genre.

In fact, the beauty of reading is that it takes you to other places, and it also takes it to other people’s minds. Although this may seem like a weird passion, at that time, there was nothing I enjoyed more than reading an intricate book that displayed the complexity of the human nature. Evidently, I was into the classics, as well – novels such as Moby Dick, The Scarlet Letter, Jane Eyre, and so on appealed to me, as well.

That being said, I decided to study English Language and Literature. And getting my bachelor’s degree, obviously, implied a lot of reading, doing research and writing critiques. I could wholeheartedly affirm that that period was the best time of my life – I was doing everything I enjoyed, and I was being graded for that.

After graduation, I was a bit clueless regarding the path I was going on. I wanted to keep on doing what I was most passionate about – which was writing and reading. Since I am more carefree, I decided to be a freelance writer, focusing on essay writing, in particular. Since I reckon that many a student browses for the best term paper sites, I wanted to help. Even though I never looked for the best paper writing site as a student, I knew that many of my colleagues chose to do so.

I also knew that many classmates ended up contacting a site that presented itself as the best paper writing website, and the result was in sheer contradiction with that claim. On that note, I wanted to assist students who are in this situation, by providing them with unbiased reviews. In this way, you can differentiate between the best online paper writing service and a non-legit service.

In order for a student to succeed, one might need help or assistance, at one point or another. And it would be hypocritical to say that getting help is wrong. Eventually, getting help is implied, and we’ve all been. Even though during my higher education years I didn’t seek academic help online, there were instances in which my colleagues helped me. At the same time, though, I had an inclination to writing, which is why I didn’t necessarily feel the need to look for academic help online. Nonetheless, students whose strongest point isn’t essay writing might feel discouraged – and in such instances, getting essay help could be the decent thing to do.

So that’s what I try to do, at the present time. I still follow my passions – which have remained unchanged – whilst striving to help students in difficulty by supplying unbiased reviews.