How to Introduce Yourself in an Email

It’s vital that you observe the proper email etiquette. In a fascinating article in the Harvard Business Review, strategist Ruchika Tulshyan explains the building blocks of a great introductory email:

How To Introduce Yourself in an Email

Introducing yourself via email is one activity you are likely to engage in throughout your career. With email still the default mode of communication in the corporate world, effective email introductions can open up opportunities to connect with others, build networks, and get help. Learning how to make introductions through email can help you communicate effectively in your career. In this article, we explain what introductory emails are, why you should write one, and how to craft excellent email introductions, with examples.

You send an introductory mail to an individual with whom you have no existing relationship. Self-introductory emails often contain a request from the sender. This could be anything from a job application, a request for information, or a pitch asking the recipient to buy a product or service. The introductory email influences the impression you leave on others when meeting them for the first time. It’s important to write an appropriate email introduction that leaves a positive impression and achieves its purpose.

How to Introduce Yourself in an Email

As convenient as email is, it can also be complex. Tone can’t easily be conveyed in text, which means you need to be cautious when preparing polished, professional communications. How to introduce yourself in an email may not necessarily be how you introduce yourself in a phone conversation: you need to think carefully about the appearance that you give.

It’s important to make a positive impression with every email you send; after all, first impressions are lasting. Your professional introduction email is going to have an impact on all of your networking and your connections, and will determine whether you are able to forge business partnerships and work closely with managers, colleagues, vendors, and customers.

Further, your professional emails say a lot about your business, too: representing your business in the wrong light could have some very real consequences for your reputation and your career. It’s difficult for someone to get past a negative impression, and it can ultimately lead to your company losing sales, or to you losing potential jobs.

Whether you’re writing an introduction email to colleagues or trying to figure out how to formally introduce yourself via email to new clients, it’s important to consider what they see from their perspective. When in doubt, many people have a tendency to assume the worst. If an email is vague or could be perceived as rude, it often will be. If there’s any room for interpretation, the interpretation is likely to be negative.

At the same time, email is intended to be brief. There’s not a lot of room for banter, and meandering is only going to frustrate an audience. And it goes without saying that spelling and grammar are important.

Additionally complicating issues is the fact that professional communications have drifted over time. What was once seen as appropriate and professional is now often seen as stilted and cold. These are things that need to be tracked: the evolution of office discourse and communication, and the current, modern standards of business writing.

Examples of how to introduce yourself in email

We’ve provided 10 examples of how to introduce yourself by email. We hope you’ll find a suitable self-introduction email sample, but feel free to adapt and update them if you don’t.

How to introduce yourself in an email for a job

You must be careful when sending an email to introduce yourself for a job, as you need to hit the right tone. Be confident but not arrogant. When planning out how to write an email introducing yourself for a job, think about what the other person is looking for. You can use the job advert for some strong ideas about what they’re searching for.

My name is Ryan Sinclair, and I am applying for the Marketing Director position. I am hugely excited about the role and believe my skills and experience make me an exceptional candidate.

I have attached a copy of my most recent CV and a covering letter to support my application. If you have any questions about my application, please do not hesitate to contact me.

New employee self-introduction email

When joining a new company, it’s common to send a first-time introduction email to your colleagues. Your new employee self-introduction email may go to your department or directorate. Still, in some cases (for senior roles), it may include the entire organization. In this example, the self-introduction email is going out to a large group, so we’re keeping it light on details.

Self-introduction email to team

A self-introduction to a team is likely to include more specifics and details than a general email. These are the people you’ll be working with daily, so it’s worthwhile giving them more information. As part of your organizational induction, you’ll likely meet with these people, so being as enthusiastic is encouraged.

I’m keen to meet as many of you as possible, so please find some time and book a meeting in my calendar. I’m looking forward to working with you all and helping the company to meet and exceed its targets.

Guest Post Contribution Request Email Introduction

As we’re moving towards the middle of our email introduction templates, let’s look at an example of a guest post contribution request email introduction.

When sending out a guest post contribution email, try to be creative, show the recipient what is that you like about their blog, and what it is that you have to offer.

Introduce yourself in an email sample template

My name is [ your name ] , and I am the [ position title ] . [ Personal connection ] . I am emailing you because [ reason for emailing ] . I hope you will [ call to action ] .

Job application email example

My name is Julia Johnson and I am a year 11 high school student at Bob Hawke High School. I have shopped at Vintage Style since my early teen years as I really appreciate feminine, retro fashion. I am reaching out to you because I saw your name listed as the contact person for an open sales assistant position posted on the shop’s window. I have attached my cover letter and resume to this email. I hope you will consider me for the position.

Vacant position enquiry example

My name is Veronica and I’ve worked as a ski instructor in Colorado for the last seven years. Our mutual friend Joel Miller suggested that I should reach out to you now I have decided to return to Australia to be closer to family. I think he might have mentioned me to you. He thought I should introduce myself to you and see whether you might have any positions available.

I’d love it if you could keep me in mind for any positions at your resort. While most of my experience is teaching skiing, I am also a proficient snowboarder with my RSA for bar service. I have attached my resume so you can learn more about my experience and skills.

Information request example

My name is Andrew Oates and I am the marketing manager at Kennedy & Sons Law Firm. I am a dedicated fan of the South Sydney Sharks football team. I think it’s wonderful that your club really focuses on developing junior and women’s talent. I am writing because my firm is looking to expand our sponsorship spending and I think partnering with your club could be a great fit. Could you please send me through some more information about your sponsorship packages? This will help the partners and I decide how we want to proceed.


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