Unappreciated at Work: Why This Happens and How to Solve It

Unappreciated at Work: Why This Happens and How to Solve It

In an ideal situation, you feel that your work and contribution to your team is appreciated. While work can be an enjoyable experience, there might be occasions where this isn’t the case. Feeling unappreciated at work is an unfortunate situation, but you can take action to improve it. In this article, we explain why you might feel unappreciated and how to resolve this situation.

If you’re feeling unappreciated at work, this typically comes from believing that your colleagues or employer don’t recognise your efforts. This might mean that they ignore any contributions you make or that they’re not acknowledging your hard work. In some cases, they might even be unnecessarily critical or disparaging of your work. Some signs that may cause you to feel unappreciated may include the following:

2. You’re Undervalued

Doing a great job when no one is there to appreciate it (or even recognize it) is terribly defeating. We all want to be patted on the back every now and then. And working somewhere where you aren’t getting proper recognition is kind of like being in a relationship without affection or attention—you’ll likely start to wonder if you’re valued or even liked. Not only is a place like that de-motivating—but if your boss refuses to acknowledge and commend your accomplishments, that can also be a sign that you’re not going to promoted or given adequate opportunities to advance. If you truly aren’t appreciated at your current workplace—it may be time to go somewhere else where your contribution is valued.

Alternate Options: Seek to objectively assess your value to the organization. Are you doing work that matters to the functioning of the company? Are you doing it well? What could you be doing to make more of an impact? Look specifically for areas where you think you have special expertise, and consider if a position switch may be in order.

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